The Plazos Paradox

Episode 1 The Brightstar Bar

After breaking Captain Darcy out of Star Command jail, the crew restrains him in the medpod and races to his last known location before going insane: The Brightstar Bar on Plazos.

Exiting hyperspace in orbit of Plazos, the ship is immediately challenged by the SCS Haxon. The Raptor crew’s rebellious (even mutinous?) actions have put them against every SCS ship in Star Command.

Knowing there’s no time to waste, Warrant Officer Terra Farr calls for the ship to cloak. Ensign Daren McLaren hesitates, but finally gives in to the power of her voice. The Haxon immediately begins a deep scan that will eventually pierce the cloak, so the senior Raptor officers run for the teleport chamber to beam down to the surface.

On the way, each stops to grab something in the short time they have. Dr. Belasco grabs a few vials of sedative, Jupiter grabs hand lotion, and Terra grabs condoms. They are going to the galactic pleasure planet, after all…

Appearing on the beach are Terra Farr, Lt. Doctor Belasco Mk 49, and Ensign Jupiter. They pause for a moment to appreciate the splendor of Plazos, then it’s down to business.

The Brightstar Bar is a fancy establishment, and without their dress uniforms, they don’t have the attire to get in. They have enough money to buy one set of fancy clothes, but not enough for all 3.

Terra sneaks into a changing room on the beach, hoping to steal a set of nice clothes. She strips naked then waits for someone to enter. A local Meron steps in and she puts on her best sob story about being robbed of her clothing. The Meron is horrified that such an attack would occur on Plazos. He gives Terra his best clothing: a bikini bottom and a see-through shirt. She’s now perfectly dressed for a wet t-shirt contest, but it won’t help her get into The Brightstar.


Micah Micah

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